Due to current outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, DVS has conduct the risk assessment on the possibility of exposure Covid-19 in dogs and cats from China export to Malaysia.

In view of this, Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia has decided to take extra precautionary measure by imposing the additional conditions for dogs and cats to be exported to Malaysia from China effective immediately on 18 February 2020 as below:

   a)    The animals must be tested for Coronavirus using standard test method which is RT-PCR and found negative for Coronavirus;

   b)    The animals must be examined and found to be healthy and free from clinical symptoms of Coronavirus infections including (Covid-19) within   seven (7) days prior to export;

   c)    The animals had no contact with other animals and showed free from any symptoms of diseases on the day of shipment to Malaysia;

   d)    All the above must be certified on the Veterinary Health Certificate and endorsed by a duty certified veterinary officer of the Government Veterinary Authority;

   e)    The animals must be transported in an individual cage and no other animals of different health status should be carried on board during the transportation from China into Malaysia.

Thank you,
Director General Department of Veterinary Services.

Please refer to the official Notification from Department of Veterinary Services & more details on Import Protocol