Electronic Permit (ePermit)

Speedy application and approval of permits

Anyone who is involved in the import and export of goods would know the challenge of applying for permits. Not only do you usually have to wait for weeks before the applications get approved, you would probably need to fill up a new form every time you apply for one.

It need not be that way. With the ePermit service from myTRADELINK, you can eliminate the hassle of manual paperwork and conventional permit procedures.


ePermit is a web-based permit application system that allows you to apply for permits and receive permit approval from multiple Permit Issuing Agencies (PIA) via the Internet. Approved permits are sent to Customs' Sistem Maklumat Kastam electronically for validation and cross-reference against Customs Declarations.

The system is made to suit the requirement of different PIAs. This includes consignment details, quota details, grading summary and product database. Vital information such as tariff code and location codes is also available on ePermit.

Both traders and forwarding agents can apply for and obtain permits online. PIAs, meanwhile, can verify and approve the applications, and then send the approved permits to relevant parties, all electronically. As data entry is only done once, time is saved and error reduced. The approval process is transparent allowing the applicant to keep track on delays and decision-makings.

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