1. How does myTRADELINK benefit the community?

  • Reduced paperwork.
  • Data originating from one application can be re-use for another application, thus reducing or eliminating the need to duplicate the data entry process.
  • This in turn would further improve data accuracy and significantly reduce errors in data entry.
  • Declaration submissions are faster and use less resources since no further data entries are required.
  • The approval process would now be more transparent.
  • Delays in processing and decision-making will be easily noticeable through the individual NSW services functionality.
  • The NSW will form part of ASEAN Single Window.

2. What is the value of myTRADELINK compared with the current system?

  • The NSW offers an integrated and seamless application process that includes:-
  • Single- Sign On - a user can have access to multiple online applications by login in once to the NSW Portal.
  • Data Re-usability - data from one application can be re-used by another application for the various submissions to relevant authorities for approvals.
  • Interoperability - enables communication and exchange of information between two or more systems or components.
  • The approval process would now be more transparent.
  • Standardisation - NSW messages conform to the internationally accepted standards format such as XML and UN/EDIFACT.
3. What are the current services offered in myTRADELINK ?
  • Electronic Customs Declaration (eDeclare) - An electronic service that facilitates the preparation and submission of electronic declarations to Customs.
  • Electronic Customs Duty Payment (ePayment) - An electronic service that facilitates the generation of Customs duty payment instructions by users to banks.
  • Electronic Manifest System (eManifest) - An electronic service that allows port users such as Principal Shipping Agents, Shipping Agents and Freight Forwarders to submit manifest to Customs.
  • Electronic Permit System (ePermit) - An electronic application of import or export permit that enables importers, exporters and forwarding agents to apply for permits from relevant permit-issuing agencies and obtain online approval.
  • Electronic Preferential Certificate of Origin System (ePCO) - An electronic application of Certificate of Origin (CO). CO is a document attesting that goods in a particular shipment are of a certain origin under the definitions of a particular bilateral or multilateral Free Trade Agreement.
  • Electronic Permit System for STA (ePermitSTA) – An electronic application of pre registration and STA permit application. This is an electronic application for the exportation of the controlled items under the Strategic Trade Act (STA). There are currently 4 agencies issuing the permit. These are Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Pharmaceutical Services Department, Ministry of Health (PSD-MOH).
4. Will there be new services available in the future?
  • Yes, more services will be introduced from time to time and upon the approval by the government of Malaysia.
5. Who are the key players in implementing the myTRADELINK?
  • Ministry of Finance - lead agency and the owner of the NSW.
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) - The Ministry responsible for facilitating the trade in Malaysia.
  • Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) - major Implementing Agency, responsible for clearance of import, export and transit related goods.
  • Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (Dagang Net) - the entity entrusted with the responsibility of designing, developing, operating and maintaining the NSW.
6. Who are the stakeholders in myTRADELINK?

All these players will be part of a communications and network where messages and information can be sent and received among all parties. They are:-  

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of International Trade & Industry
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Permit Issuing Agencies
  • Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Royal Malaysian Customs
  • Port Authorities, Department of Civil Aviation
  • Immigration Department
  • Department of Statistics
  • Health Department
  • Marine Department
  • Free Zone Authorities, Dangerous Goods Authorities
  • Traders/Manufacturers, Importer/Exporters
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Forwarding Agents/ Shipping Agents/ Freight Forwarders
  • Insurance companies
  • Courier companies
  • Banks
  • Carriers/Transport companies, Warehouse Operators, Depot Operators
  • Other Departments, Agencies and Authorities that are approved by the Government from time to time.     
7. When can I start using the services offered by myTRADELINK? 

The myTRADELINK services are NOW available.
Please log on to for more information.



8. How do I register as a myTRADELINK user?

There are two categories of users; existing DagangNet users and myTRADELINK users.

  1. Existing DagangNet User
    • No new registration is required

    • You will be issued with one Single-Sign On (SSO) ID for all services subscribed by your company

  2. myTRADELINK Users
    • Registration form can be downloaded from

    • Complete the form and return together with the necessary documents and payment to:

Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd
Tower 3, Avenue 5 The Horizon Bangsar South,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur

9. If I am a foreign citizen/company; can I register with myTRADELINK?

Yes, myTRADELINK is open to all foreign citizens/companies.

10. What documents are required for registration?

Malaysian Citizen/Company

  1. Certified true copy of Director's MyKad/NRIC (Old/New)
  2. Certified true copy by Company Secretary on the following documents:
  • Form 24 or 44 (where applicable)
  • Business License Form D & Form A or Form B ( Proprietor or Partnership)
  • Form 49 & Form 9 or Form 49 & Form 13 (Company)
  • Forwarding/Shipping Agent License by Customs
  • License or Certificate issued by Government Agency (only applicable for ePermit)
  • Letter of Authorization (if service is to be registered by a person whose name does not appear in Form 49. The letter is to be signed by the Company's Director according to Form 49 or by the Company Secretary.

Foreign Citizen/Company

  1. Certified true copy of passport
  2. Certified true copy by Company Secretary on the following documents: 
  • Form 79, 80, 80A, 83, 83A or letter of incorporation
  • License or Certificate issued by Government Agency (applicable for ePermit)
  • Letter of Authorization (if service is to be registered by a person whose name is not appeared in Form 49. The letter is to be signed by the Company's Director according to Form 49 or by the Company Secretary.  



11. What are the charges for myTRADELINK Services?

Type of Charges


EDI-volume- based charges


Document-based charges

RM5.00 for each approved document

User registration

RM500 for corporate customers and RM200 for *Small Medium Enterprise (SME). This is a one time charge only

Mailbox charges

RM160.00 per month for corporate customers and RM90.00 per month for SMEs Subsequent mailbox at RM90.00 per month for corporate customers and SMEs

STA related charges

Apart from the above charges (where applicable for STA), the following are the charges applicable for STA only:

  1. Digital ID           RM 55/year.  Renewable at RM 55 per year.
  2. Token                RM 75 (one off)


12. Who qualifies as an SME?

The qualifying criteria of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) are as follows:


Small and Medium Enterprise

A. Manufacturing, Manufacturing- Related Services and Agro-based industries

Sales turnover between RM10 million and RM25 million OR full time employees not exceeding 150.

B. Services, Primary Agriculture and Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Sales turnover between RM1 million and RM5 million OR full time employees not exceeding 50.


13. What documents should I provide to qualify for SME rate?

To qualify for SME rate, you are required to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Certified True Copy of Latest Audited Financial Statement by Company Secretary or Directors or Business Owners.
  • Certified True Copy of EPF Statement by Company or Directors or Business Owners.
  • ** The offer is opened to all SME's through their respective registered associations or non-governmental organizations (NGO's).
  • ** All charges above are subject to applicable Government service tax of 5%.

14. What are the charges for walk-in customers at Kedai EDI?

The charges are applicable only for corporate customers. The existing Kedai EDI charges remain unchanged.

15. If I am a registered SMK-Dagang*Net user, am I required to pay another
       registration when I subscribe to another service in the future?

No, the registration fee is a ONE TIME charge only.



16. What is the minimum system requirement to access myTRADELINK ?

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can access to the myTRADELINK services.

17. How secure is the myTRADELINK ?

myTRADELINK is running on a secured network with encrypted and authenticated session through the use of Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure confidentiality and integrity. Documents stored in Dagang Net's server are protected by two firewalls against hackers and viruses. We implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enhance the security of data and comply with Digital Signature Act where it is required to authenticate the transmission.

18. Can my existing system be integrated with myTRADELINK?

Yes, your existing system can be integrated and linked to the myTRADELINK.

19. What happens if my attempt to log in fails after several tries?

You are required to contact our CARELINE at 1300 133 133 for assistance.

20. What type of solution does the myTRADELINK have in place to ensure service continuity?

To ensure service continuity of the myTRADELINK, Dagang Net as the operator of the myTRADELINK has a state-of-the-art data center and a disaster recovery center with comprehensive value-added facilities that provide high availability in terms of 24 x 7 operations and packed with modern equipment and advanced network connectivity. Dagang Net is governed by the Service Availabilty Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set by the Government to ensure optimum service performance.

21. How do I change my User ID and Password?

You are not allowed to change your User ID, however you are encouraged to change your initial Password. Please go to User Account Setting to make the necessary changes or contact our CARELINE at 1300 133 133 for assistance.

22. What happens if I forget my Password?

You are required to contact our 1300 133 133 for assistance.

23. Can we request more than one User ID and Password?

YES. You can request up to 5 User IDs and Passwords subject to the myTRADELINK Terms and Conditions.



24. What is Single-Sign On?

Single-Sign On is the ability for a user to use the same User ID and Password to access multiple myTRADELINK services. The process authenticates the user for all the services that they have subscribed to with no further log in needed in between services.

25. Do I need to get or create a new Single-Sign On every time I subscribe to a new service?

No. You can use the same User ID and Password for any new service that you subscribe to.



26. Can I still access the existing system?

Yes. You can until further notice.

27. Are there any changes in the way I lodge my cargo declaration with the relevant
       controlling authorities?

There are no changes in the business process of clearing import and export cargoes. myTRADELINK does not take over the functions of the relevant Government Agencies and parties involved (i.e. Customs, Free Zone Authorities, Banks, etc) in processing the import and export related transactions.

28. Do I need to submit hardcopies to the relevant Government Authorities?

In the initial phase of the myTRADELINK, paper-based documents will still be needed by certain Government Agencies. Eventually, myTRADELINK would minimise the number of gazetted forms submitted and ultimately move towards a paperless environment in the process of cargo declarations.



29. Who should I call for assistance?

CARELINE is available 24 hours a day and 7 day a weeks at:-
Tel : 1300 133 133
Fax : 03-2713 2990
Email :

30. What type of support does the myTRADELINK provide to the business community?

  • (CARELINE) - Dagang Net's Helpdesk personnel are well trained executives and supported by a sophisticated computerised helpdesk system for support and assistance.
  • Web Careline - a web-based call management system is available for users to lodge report via internet.
  • Technical Support - well-trained, experienced and dedicated personnel to provide specialised and professional support. These technical support personnel are stationed at Kedai EDI nearest to you.
  • Training - users will be trained to enable them to use the myTRADELINK services effectively. It is a classroom type training with up to 2- pax per session. Refresher trainings are also available on request with minimum fee applicable.

31. Is training provided to new users?

Free of charge training is provided to first time companies when they register for the respective services. The training is applicable for 2 persons per company.

32. How do I access themyTRADELINK website?

Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be provided with a User ID and Password. You can start to access the services at

33. What are the objectives of myTRADELINK?

  • To enhance Trade efficiency and national competitiveness through simplifying, standardising& harmonizing trade procedures and in general, the Government Delivery System.
  • To enhance efficiency of the entire Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management by capitalising on a common electronic platform.
  • To reduce the transaction costs and complexity of international trade and facilitate trade and investment in Malaysia.
  • To integrate and provide a seamless platform for the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) and international cooperation & data exchange.

34. What is myTRADELINK?

  • myTRADELINK is an electronic system that enables a secured, safe and efficient electronic exchange of trade-related documents through a single point of entry in order to expedite the smooth flow of information of goods either for import, export or transit.
  • myTRADELINK is a single submission of data and information; a single and synchronous processing of data and information, and ; a single decision-making for Customs release and clearance.