Electronic Customs Duty Payment (ePayment)

Submit payments from just about anywhere

Ever had the hassle of preparing duty payment for the Customs and not being able to submit the payment because operating hours are over? Such problems are set to cease with MyTRADELINK's ePayment service.


ePayment is an online payment gateway that allows you to prepare and submit your duty payment to the Customs even if it's beyond operating hours. Since payments are made electronically, you don't need to prepare any physical form of payment - thus, saving time and cost.

Transactions can be performed and processed online at real time with ePayment. With speedier processing, you may even get to clear your goods within the same day!

There are two modes of payment available through this service - DutyNet and Financial Services Payment Gateway (FSPG) - which are equipped with security features so your transactions are protected at all times.

1. DutyNet

DutyNet is the first online-based Customs duty payment system designed to allow you to make payments via the Internet anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. It is fully-supported by the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC). Through leading edge digital certification and encryption technology combined with Public Key infrastructure system, DutyNet facilitates speedy preparation and submission of Customs duty payment via the Internet beyond banking hours.

2. Financial Services Payment Gateway (FSPG)

This is the latest offering by Dagang Net on the electronic payment to the authorities. Payment using FSPG is NOT limited to payment to Customs duty payment only, but also allows other types of payments. Apart from facilitating online payment for Customs duty payment to Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), FSPG also allows permit payment to the permit issuing agencies, insurance payment (marine cargo insurance) and other trade facilitation and non-trade facilitation products and services. Operating from 7am till 11pm, payments can be made every day.

Call our CARELINE at 1 300 133 133 or e-mail us at careline@dagangnet.com should you have any queries on ePayment.

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