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Ministry of Finance launches myTRADELINK

The Ministry of Finance has launched Malaysia’s trade facilitation portal, myTRADELINK, which connects trading communities with the relevant government agencies and businesses involved in global trade and logistics. The launch was officiated by Deputy Minister of Finance YB Senator Dato’ Ir Donald Lim Siang Chai on 5 September 2012 at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.

An initiative of the Malaysian Government, led by the Ministry of Finance, and operated by Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd, myTRADELINK is a single platform where the trade community can exchange documents required to fulfil regulatory trade processes for import, export or transit - anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

With the portal, the exchange of trade documents between the public and private sectors of the trade and logistics community are undertaken electronically in a safe, secure and efficient manner, and through a single connectivity access.

The portal (www.mytradelink.gov.my) has recently been enhanced with a fresh look-and-feel and improved user-friendly navigation to services namely eDeclare, eManifest, ePayment, ePCO, ePermit and ePermitSTA.

The portal also features value-added content on trade facilitation industry including the Trade Repository comprising such information as:

  • Directory of industry players and agencies
  • Trade regulations
  • Permit Issuing Agencies.

With myTRADELINK, all required trade documents can be prepared, submitted, applied for, and even approved online at one single point - eliminating the need for manual transactions. Apart from facilitating trade transactions, myTRADELINK serves as a trade information hub and allows users to streamline their transactional activities.

In his speech, YB Senator Dato' Ir Donald Lim Siang Chai said myTRADELINK will be the driver to facilitate the exchange of international trade data via seamless connection or integration with the ASEAN Single Window and its other trading partners. He said he has great confidence in Dagang Net to operate myTRADELINK. In terms of connectivity, Dagang Net has serviced 156 over 173 points of entry to the country - including customs stations, ports, airports and border crossings, he added.

myTRADELINK connects users and stakeholders in trade facilitation on a single connectively access, and this has brought vast improvements to the industry, as well as contribute to increasing the country’s overall competitiveness as a trading nation.

Traders, manufacturers, importers, exporters, forwarders, shipping agents, warehouse and depot operators, transport and logistics community, banking and insurance agencies as well as Asean and international links stand to gain many benefits from MyTRADELINK. Among them are a significant reduction of manual paperwork and physical processes; and the convenient reusability of data and information that reduces the unnecessary keying in of the same data or information more than once.

Users of myTRADELINK will also benefit from the increased efficiency of data processing, release and clearance of cargo. The approval process through the various myTRADELINK services is transparent - allowing for peace of mind and reliable expectations for the next course of action.

About Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd

Dagang Net (www.dagangnet.com), Malaysia’s leading e-commerce service provider, has pioneered and spearheaded initiatives aimed at creating paper-less, electronic Customs-related services to ease the facilitation and streamlining of international trading processes for the import/export, trade and logistics industries.

Set up in 1989, Dagang Net is the operator of Malaysia’s National Single Window (www.mytradelink.gov.my), which facilitates electronic Customs related transactions and duty payments, and electronic document transfer between members of its trading community made up of manufacturers, importers & exporters, forwarders, shipping agents, terminal & port operators, banks, port authorities, permit issuing agencies and Customs.


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