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The Departmnet of Malaysian Quarantine Inspection Services was established under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia as a Department  to provide intergrated services relating  to  quarantine, inspection and enforcement at entry points, quarantine station, premises quarantine and certification for the import and export of plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural  produce, soils and microorganism and include inspection  of and enforcement relating  to food and for  matters  related  to it.

The aim of MAQIS establishment:

  • to ensure that the Nation agriculture industry is free from pest, diseases, and contaminations towards plants, animals and fish by quarantine activities, inspection and a more effective enforcement;
  • to ensure that plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural products, soils, microorganisms and food that are imported to and exported from Malaysia comply with the health aspects of human, animals, plants and fish and food safety by written enforcement laws that are related to entry points, quarantine stations and quarantine premises.
  • to assist exporters in issues pertaining to market access and to comply with the requirements of the importing country through integrated services; and
  • to improve the delivery service to customers by using more efficient and integrated sources

At this time, the department will only issue approval permit for import, export and transhipment of consignments of live fish only.


Permit Application Procedure

  1. Applicant submits permit application through the ePermit System.
  2. MAQIS Officer (Verifier) will verify the permit application.
  3. MAQIS Officer (Approver) will approve the permit application.
  4. Approved application will be sent to the Customs Information System.
    1. For the first application, the applicant shall obtain approval from the Department of Fisheries Malaysia to register as importer or exporter of live fish. Once approval is obtained, the applicant will need to register with Dagang Net to subscribe to the ePermit service.

Client charter
Import, export and transhipment permits for ‘live' fish - 24 hours. Click here to view


There is no charge imposed by MAQIS at this moment.

Tariff Codes

Important announcement.
Please refer to Royal Malaysian Customs implementation on PDK/AHTN 2012


Address Contact Person


Level 7, Menara 4G2,
Wisma Tani, Presint 4,
No. 30, Persiaran Perdana,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62624 Putrajaya.

Tel: 603-8870 4030
Fax: 603-8870 2910


Email ends

Pn. Fauzidah Bt. Othman
Director of Quarantine
Entrance Coordination Unit
Tel: 603-8870 1000 ext : 4189
Email: fauzidah

En. Muhammad Ezamry Bin Arpan
Deputy Director of Quarantine
Entrance Coordination Unit
Tel: 603-8870 1000 ext : 4186
Email: ezamry

Pn. Marlinda Anim Bt. Marham
Assistant Director of Quarantine
Entrance Coordination Unit
Tel: 603-8870 1000 ext: 4193
Email: marlinda

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Penguatkuasaan Perintah Kastam (Larangan Mengenai Import dan Eksport) 2012.

Bermula 1 Mac 2013 Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia  akan  menguatkuasakan  Perintah Kastam
(Larangan Mengenai Import dan Eksport) 2012. Didalam  Jadual Ketiga/ Bahagian 1 perintah tersebut,
semua permit import dan eksport  Tumbuhan, Binatang, Ikan, Unggas dan Keluaran Pertanian akan
dikeluarkan oleh MAQIS.  Walaubagaimana pun, beberapa penyelarasan masih perlu dibuat bersama
jabatan dan agensi terlibat bagi membolehkan  Akta Perkhidmatan Kuarantin dan Pemeriksaan Malaysia
2011 (Akta 728) digunakan dalam menguatkuasakan Perintah Kastam (Larangan Mengenai Import dan Eksport) 2012. Untuk itu pihak kami memohon agar pihak pengimport dan pengeksport yang ingin memohon permit/lesen import dan eksport untuk komoditi pertanian di Jadual Ketiga/ Bahagian 1, sila berurusan dengan jabatan pengeluar permit (Jabatan Pertanian, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar, LKIM dan FAMA) kecuali permit ikan hidup. Pihak MAQIS akan memaklumkan status  penggunaan permit MAQIS kepada pengimport dan pengeksport dari masa kesemasa.

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