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The Crop Protection and Plant Quarantine Division issues import permit, export license and certificate under the Plant Quarantine Act 1976, Customs (Prohibition of Import / Export) 2008 and International Trade of Endangered Species Act 2008 (Act 686). Import and export permits are issued online.

Permit Application Procedure

  1. Applicant shall register with the Crop Protection & Plant Quarantine Division and open an account with a deposit of RM150.00.
  2. Applicant registers with Dagang Net for ePermit subscription.
  3. Applicant submits online application.
  4. Agricultural assistant / officer verify the application.
  5. Agricultural officer approves application.
  6. Approved application will be sent to Customs Information System.

Client charter
Import permit - 5 working days. Click here to view
Export license - 24 hours after physical inspection of the consignment and all conditions fulfilled.
Click here to view

Process flow - Click here to view

Description of Items that Require Import Permit from the Department of Agriculture -
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Import permit: RM15.00 per application
Export license: RM15.00 per application (not inclusive of physical inspection charge)

Tariff Codes

Important announcement.
Please refer to Royal Malaysian Customs implementation on PDK/AHTN 2012


Not Available

Address Contact Person

Agriculture Department
(Crop Protection and Plant Quarantine Division)

Level 1-3, Wisma Tani,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50632 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 603-2030 1400
Fax: 603-2691 3550

Email ends

Pn. Atikah Bt. Abdul Kadir Jailani
Assistant Director General
Tel: 603-2030 1419
Email: atikah

Pn. Rozziah Bt.  Bujang Masli
Assistant Director
Tel: 603-2030 1425
Email: rozziah

Cik Maliza Bt. Hazin @ Abd Rahman
Assistant Director
Tel: 603-2030 1435
Email: maliza

En. Hayusri Faizal Bin Idris
Assistant Director
Tel: 603-2030 1407
Email: hayusri

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Jabatan Pertanian - Penangguhan Kerja Memproses Permit Import dan Lesen Eksport

Bahagian Perlindungan Tanaman dan Kuarantin Tumbuhan, Jabatan Pertanian akan menangguhkan kerja-kerja pemprosesan Permit Import dan Lesen Eksport sempena cuti Hari Raya Puasa. Tempoh penangguhan tersebut adalah seperti berikut :

Permit Import
Permohonan Permit Import yang dikemukakan pada 17 Ogos 2012 hingga 26 Ogos 2012 akan mula diproses pada 27 Ogos 2012.

Lesen Eksport
Permohonan Permit Import yang dikemukakan pada 17 Ogos 2012 hingga 26 Ogos 2012 akan mula diproses pada 27 Ogos 2012.

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